About the Chamber

Câmara do Mercado (“Chamber” or “Market Chamber”) offers a specialized forum for the solution of issues related to business or corporate law, mainly related to the capital market and the aforementioned fields. The Chamber acts in the administration of arbitration proceedings originating from conflicts arising in the scope of companies committed to the adoption of differentiated practices of corporate governance and transparency, whose stocks are listed at B3, as well as in other disputes between individuals and legal entities, as long as they relate to business law.

The Chamber offers an independent, confidential and efficient environment for the settlement of disputes, based on the Brazilian Arbitration Act (Law n. 9.307/96) and according to its Arbitration Rules.

Brief history

Created in June of 2001 by the then Bovespa, Câmara do Mercado, at the time called Câmara de Arbitragem do Mercado, offers a specialized and quick forum for the settlement of disputes, particularly those arising from the application of corporate and capital markets laws.

The Chamber's primary objective is to manage conflicts arising within the scope of companies committed to the adoption of differentiated corporate governance and transparency practices, listed at B3 in their special listing segments (Novo Mercado, Nível 2 of Corporate Governance, Bovespa Mais and Bovespa Mais Nível 2).

In addition, the Chamber has always been available for the management of any other disputes between individuals and companies, as long as they are related to business law.

Internal Rules

Address and contact information

Câmara do Mercado – Arbitragem
Business hours: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone numbers: +55 11 2565-4566 | +55 11 2565-6778 | +55 11 2565-4998 | +55 11 2565-4835 | +55 11 2565-6990 | +55 11 2565-4829 (financial)
E-mail: secretariacam@b3.com.br
Address: Praça Antônio Prado, nº 48, 6º andar, Centro, São Paulo/SP, CEP: 18970-020